Hey, what if we made chocolate!

This little venture we call ButtonChocs actually began under another name, we called ourselves Unique Chocolate. It began around a kitchen table in 2009 and it began with us, Mark and Lynsey, a couple in good jobs but who had ambitions to run our own business. But how best to achieve our aim? And with what sort of product?

Well, the answer when it came was surprisingly simple. We love chocolate, so why not create our own chocolate company! How tough can it be? Of course that was when we found out. Learning all the different types of chocolate, the cocoa ratios, the delicate process of manufacture, sourcing the raw materials, the equipment you need, the storage and yes, we admit, also deciding on how to be different to everyone else.

In fact everything about making chocolate and creating a business we embraced, including the difficulties. Because we can't say it's been all plain sailing but nothing is unsurmountable when you're passionate about something. You make it work.

And now here we are today, a thriving little chocolate company with our own premises. Goals have been reached, a job has been given of us was an air hostess, but the sky is still the limit.

Yes, the future is bright indeed, for us the future is chocolate. And ButtonChocs are the shape of things to come.